Saturday, August 8, 2009

curly-Quite cute

curling iron
hair brush
small clip
flat iron(optional)

NOTE: heat up all heated hair utensils at the highest heat possible. remember to try hard not to burn yourself!(:

to get a fun, flirty look of curls... you obviously need a curling iron. so brush through your DRY hair until all the knots are gone and your hair is smooth. if you have frizzy, poofy hair i suggest using a flat iron to straighten your hair before you curl it. now comes the curling. open the clamp and put the ends of a section of hair in, then close the clamp. twist the hair around the barrel and hold for five-eight seconds. then pull the iron out from under your hair. do this for all you hair.

after your hair is completely curled, shake them out a tad to get them loose and fun. then take front pieces anf wist them back. keep them in place with a small clip

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