Monday, April 5, 2010

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


embrace your natural beauty.
with makeup.

fair skin: light tan with a small amount of shimmer, brown eye liner
tan skin: light pink, chocolate brown eye liner
dark skin: grey-blues, black eye liner
all regular black mascara

fair skin: light rose pink
tan skin: rose pink
dark skin: light red

fair skin: shimmery light pink gloss
tan skin: solid pink lip stain
dark skin: dark pink lip stick
i suggest putting burst's bees chapstick on to moisturise lips

Saturday, August 8, 2009

curly-Quite cute

curling iron
hair brush
small clip
flat iron(optional)

NOTE: heat up all heated hair utensils at the highest heat possible. remember to try hard not to burn yourself!(:

to get a fun, flirty look of curls... you obviously need a curling iron. so brush through your DRY hair until all the knots are gone and your hair is smooth. if you have frizzy, poofy hair i suggest using a flat iron to straighten your hair before you curl it. now comes the curling. open the clamp and put the ends of a section of hair in, then close the clamp. twist the hair around the barrel and hold for five-eight seconds. then pull the iron out from under your hair. do this for all you hair.

after your hair is completely curled, shake them out a tad to get them loose and fun. then take front pieces anf wist them back. keep them in place with a small clip

Thursday, August 6, 2009

the school scrunch

the school scrunchtools;;herbal essences Totally Twisted curl scrunching gelhair brushwet hairsmall clip (optional) steps;;in order to make this style work, your hair m u s t be wet. so take a showr. after your shower brush your hair out. then let it air dry a little bit so your hair isn't sopping wet. then ... brush it out again. now for the scrunching gel. your hair is your own. and you know it better than anyone. so use an amount right for your hair... and squeeze that amount into your palm. start working it throught your hair. scrunching and working... scrunching and working. the crimpy curls will stay intact because the Totally Twisted keeps them fun and alive. it will also prevent most frizz. don't brush the dry hair in risk of ruining your hair. it's quick, easy, and cute for school(: you don't have to, but if you the end you can use the clip to take some front pieces of hair and pull them back and clip them inplace.

see this for a picture:

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